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Lucky Doggy

Wise Elk Dressed Up Stuffed Animal Lucky Doggy - Fiesta

Wise Elk Dressed Up Stuffed Animal Lucky Doggy - Fiesta

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Passionate dances, masquerades, and sparkling fun - Yoyo loves the fiesta and dreams of getting back to it! She already knows how to dance flamenco, salsa, meringue, and bachata. So, she is ready to go to Spain, to Latin America, or to a cool club, where they arrange these spectacular shows! This is where Yoyo will truly shine, dancing in his new costume with a shimmering skirt that perfectly combines both secular luxury and national Spanish flavor! Her paws are already trembling with impatience, and the mood is to dance. The little puppy inside of her wants to break the pi–ata with a motley heap of delicious chocolates! Of course, Yoyo is almost an adult, but pinata is so fun and original! In any case, less words and more music, dance, fiesta!

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