About Us

Wise Elk is a brand that specializes in creating and producing educational toys for kids. Founded in Ukraine in 2015, the brand aims to provide high-quality toys that help children learn and develop through play. Our products are made in our factories in Ukraine, and we ship them from their warehouse in Illinois, USA.

Our original line of products started with ceramic building bricks that can be used to create architectural objects, making them great for school projects, model building, and other school activities. We have since expanded to include wooden toys, such as the Cubika line for toddlers, which has many educational features, great prices, and superb quality.

Our best sellers are the Artwille paints and paint-by-number sets, which have a wooden frame, natural canvas, and significant motifs. These products are also made in Ukraine and are a great way to support local communities.
Wise Elk also offers Christmas ornaments, making us a one-stop shop for all your educational toy and creative needs.

Wise Elk works closely with local communities in Gainesville, TX, where our office is, and in Chicago, IL, where we have a warehouse. By supporting our products, customers are also supporting communities in Ukraine.

The brand's ultimate goal is to make Ukraine a great toy-producing hub for Europe and the USA, providing a stable and reliable partner as opposed to China. Wise Elk also offers paints and Christmas ornaments, making them a one-stop shop for all your educational toy and creative needs.