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Watercolour Art Set, ROSA Studio

Watercolour Art Set, ROSA Studio

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ROSA company offers a ready-made solution - supplies for watercolor painting ROSA Studio! This is an ideal option for beginners and a good gift for a novice watercolourist - all the necessary basic supplies for this technique are in the set, making it possible to work immediately and saves time when selecting the supplies.

ROSA Studio Watercolour Painting Kit includes:
• ROSA Studio watercolor set of 16 pans is the optimal number of primary and secondary colors to create a complete finished work.
• Watercolour paper A3, 200g/m², 10 l, is perfect for learning and working in all watercolor painting techniques due to texture, density, and popular size.
• 2 round short handle brushes ROSA Studio made of natural squirrel hair is versatile for various watercolor techniques. The elastic hair makes the brushes easy to control, simplifying a novice watercolorist's work.
• Plastic professional palette measuring 11x30.5 cm has an optimal area for creating and working with several mixtures of paint and contains wells of different shapes, which adds convenience to work. Dense white plastic is easy to clean and guarantees long-term usage.
• Thick cardboard box folder can later be used to store supplies or watercolor works.

A set of supplies for watercolor painting from ROSA Studio is the optimal solution for learning and developing watercolor skills and a great gift.

Key properties:
• For watercolor painting
• The best possible selection of supplies for introduction to the watercolor technique
• Great gift option

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