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Set of watercolor paints, ROSA Studio, 16 colors, pans, cardboard

Set of watercolor paints, ROSA Studio, 16 colors, pans, cardboard

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ROSA Studio Watercolours are created for studies and practice. High-quality, carefully selected pigments and natural plant-based binder with gumarabic guarantee the purity of colors and easy paint application.
ROSA Studio watercolor sets of 16 and 24 pans are formed from traditional colors of the watercolor technique. The set's colors can be easily mixed and create a broad palette of new colors and shades. Most paints in the set are single pigment, which allows one to learn and experiment with mixing.

After drying, the paints form a matte color layer that makes the work more exquisite and atmospheric.
• Basic colors, when mixed, give a wide color palette
• High-quality pigments provide a combination of intensity and transparency of watercolors
• Each color has a wide range from saturated in dense layers to light transparent when diluted
• Natural plant-based binder with gumarabic and elastic after drying
• The traditional technique of natural drying of the watercolors provides easy dilution with water and brush application.

ROSA Studio Watercolours are developed with the collaboration of teachers of art educational institutions in Ukraine.

The set includes 24 colors:
Lemon (301), Yellow Light (302), Yellow Medium (303), Orange (304), Red Light (305), Red Deep (306), Madder (307), Carmine (308), Violet Light (309), Violet Deep (310), Green Light (311), Green (312), Emerald Green (313), Turquoise (314), Blue (315), Ultramarine (316), Blue (317), Yellow Ohre (318), English Red (319), Raw Sienna (320), Burnt Sienna (321), Raw Umber (322), Sepia (323), Lamp Black (324).

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