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Gouache paint set 24*20ml ROSA Studio

Gouache paint set 24*20ml ROSA Studio

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ROSA Gouache Paints are produced of high-quality pigments on a natural plant basis.

Key peculiarities of ROSA Gouache Paints include excellent covering power, smooth, creamy consistency, and good lightfastness. Due to finely ground pigments, ROSA Gouache Paints are water-soluble. They can be used similarly to watercolors, which allows the artists successfully embody their ideas and go beyond the borders of gouache fine art techniques.

Key properties:
• High pigment concentration
• Excellent covering power
• Smooth, creamy consistency
• Colours retain their intensity even after drying

Excellent covering power enables painting in layers and correcting the initial painting. The smooth, creamy consistency and perfect color flow of ROSA Gouache Paints provide easy and even applying on paper, cardboard, wood, plywood, and primed canvas. Once dried, the paints gain a matte velvet finish.

The set includes 24 colors:
901 Titanium White, 903 Lemon Yellow, 902 Yellow Light, 923 Yellow Deep, 905 Orange, 931 Red Light, 906 Red, 907 Red Deep, 927 Carmine, 916 Magenta, 928 Lilac, 912 Violet, 924 Yellowish Green, 910 Green Light, 909 Green Deep, 925 Sap Green, 908 Emerald Light, 922 Blue Light, 929 Blue, 915 Ultramarine, 911 Blue Deep, 904 Raw Ochre, 913 Brown Deep, 914 Black.

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