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Oil colours set "Classic", 45ml/1.5oz, ROSA Gallery

Oil colours set "Classic", 45ml/1.5oz, ROSA Gallery

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Our highly-qualified technologists develop ROSA Gallery Artists’ Oil Colours in collaboration with Ukrainian artists according to their demands and recommendations.
The ROSA Gallery Artists’ Oil Colours set consists of 12 carefully selected colors based on classical art methodology from the full palette. Traditional formulas combined with the specific approach applied to the development of each color result in the best possible coating and light-resistant paint properties. Combining polymerized linseed oil with high-quality organic and inorganic pigments enables us to obtain pure and brilliant colors.

• High pigment concentration provides pure and bright colors
• High-quality pigments provide amazing color shades when colors are mixed
• Rich consistency holds the dynamics of a stroke and is perfect for both impasto and classic painting.

The set includes paints with a volume of 45 ml, the optimum amount of primary color for use in plein air. The natural wooden case is needed for the artist to store the art supplies. The cover of the box can serve as a mini-palette if necessary (we recommend to pre-oil before use), and a piece of natural linen fabric will be needed to care for the brushes. 

Paints in the set:
Titanium White, Zinc White, Cadmium Lemon, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Yellow Ochre, Magenta, Ultramarine, Cadmium Red Deeр, Phthalocyanine Blue, Phthalocyanine Green, Burnt Umber, Lamp Black

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